About Mahabala Ganaka Labs

Mahabala Ganaka Labs | Formerly Computational Sciences Labs

We at Ganaka at IIIT-B are interested broadly in the areas of Algorithms, Optimization, and Robotics. Major focus areas include:

  • 1. Robust optimization under uncertainty, with applications to supply chains, real time search, banking, smart grid, transportation, gaming and allied areas. This work couples algorithms with information theory.
  • 2. Approximation algorithms, machine learning, cryptography and linguistics.
  • 3. Novel robot skeletons using generalized mechanisms, incorporating magnetics distributed throughout.
  • 4. Algebraic number theory.
  • 5. Electronic design automation including statistical timing analysis and optimisation for digital circuits, power analysis and optimization and formal verification, semiconductor manufacturing, statistical optimization, combinatorial optimization, and design and analysis of algorithms.
  • 6. Visualization (scientific and information), high-performance computing, computational geometry and topology.