Mathematics & Information Technology - Symposium in 76th Annual Conference of Indian Math Society


A sequel to RMIT-2009,

(Ramanujan, Mathematics and IT:

Prof. K. Venkatachaliengar's Centenary Conference)


Symposium on Mathematics and Information Technology will be held as part of the annual conference of the Indian Mathematical Society. The conference will be held at NIT, Surat during December 27-30, 2010 under the presidentship of Prof R.Sridharan of CMI, Chennai.


The objective of the symposium is: to make mathematicians aware of pressing IT problems amenable to advanced mathematical techniques, and also IT professionals aware of relevant advanced mathematical techniques.


Topics of interest include but are not limited to deep mathematical principles impacting:

  • Logic, Theorem Proving

  • Convex Optimization

  • Differential Equations, and Biomathematics

  • Advanced Probability and Statistics like Rare Events, SDE's, ...

  • Advanced Graph Theory

  • Computational Methods

  • Cryptography

  • Quantum Computing

  • ...

A limited number of slots are available for presentations of 1 - 2 hour each. Interested speakers are invited to submit their proposals for presentation. Please refer to the call for presentations for more details.


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