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RMIT2019 is the tenth in the series on Ramanujan, Math and IT held annually. The conferences celebrate the genius of our nation's great mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan, and attempts to bring together pure and applied mathematicians, and information theory professionals together. Advances in mathematics ranging from convex analysis, number theory to algebraic geometry, are foundational for many advanced information technology applications today. Conversely, computational methods are becoming mainstream in many branches of mathematic today.

What is Our Goal?

Ramanujan was an analytical number theorist par excellence. As such, the RMIT2019 pure mathematics track is devoted to number theory. Number Theory is one of the most ancient branches of pure Mathematics. Understanding the distribution of primes has been always a center of this subject. It has seen enormous development in last 20 years which includes proofs of Fermat's last theorem, Catalan's conjecture and Green Tao theorem. There are many connections between the theory of numbers and information theory. Number theory has important applications in computer organization and security, coding and cryptography, random number generation and graphics. Conversely, number theorists use computers in factoring large integers, determining primes, testing conjectures, and solving other problems.

The applied mathematics portion of RMIT2019 focuses on bio-informatics. Knuth has stated that biology has problems for computers for 500 years! Understanding biological systems requires advances in both foundational mathematics e.g. high dimensional nonlinear dynamical systems, their topological invariants, dimensionality reduction, bifurcation and analogous analysis with respects to many parameters, computational methods for genome sequencing with billions of base pairs, visualization etc, ... to name only a few. We hope that these RMIT conferences will results in fruitful interaction between pure and applied mathematicians, and information technology professionals.

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RMIT 2018

October 29-31





Prof. Kaushal Verma

IISc, Bangalore

Prof. Venkatesh Raman

IMSc, Chennai

Dr. Pankaj Dayama

IBM Research

Prof. Madhavan Mukund

CMI, Chennai

Prof. Pallab Dasgupta

IIT Kharagpur

Prof. Vijay Chandru

Strand Life Sciences

Prof. S. Akshay

IIT Bombay

Prof. G. Srinivasaraghavan

IIIT Bangalore

Prof. Arnab Saha

IIT Gandhinagar

Prof. Shreedhar Inamdar

ISI Bangalore

Dr. Vishal Saraswat

Robert Bosch India Limited

Mr. K. Subramani

IIIT Bangalore


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    26/C, Hosur Road
    Electronic City, Phase-1
    Bengaluru, Karnataka.


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