KSRTC Bus Scheduling

Mahabala Ganaka Labs | Formerly Computational Sciences Labs

KSRTC Bus Scheduling Project with IISc

The project aims at optimization of the KSRTC fleet bus assignments and schedules. Available data from KSRTC has been used to obtain demand patterns and timings. Some portions of the existing fleet schedule have been examined, and points of inefficiency determined. An optimized fleet schedule, which can be incrementally built from the existing fleet schedule has been partly designed, and the potential benefits estimated. For the routes investigated, in a few cases increases in earnings-per-kilometer of up to 30 %, while not causing excessive delays can be observed. The methods used try (whenever possible) to merge buses, which have low load factor (low EPKM). It implicitly, tries to minimize, (whenever possible) the number of buses whose load factor is less than 50 %. The method also tries to minimize the maximum waiting time of a passenger.