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The game of magnetic carrom (Magrom) has been invented at IIIT-B, and is a unique game. It enhances the standard carom game, with magnetics, making pieces attract/repel each other, and swinging by or getting trapped at different places on the board. This creates a delightful game. Patented and Patents Pending.

What the game is about!

A carom or other board offers an ideally frictionless platform for the motion of objects (striker/carom-men), and controlling the motion of these objects to put them in the pockets is the challenge in the game. Magrom introduces strikers and carom-men (coins) made of different materials, magnetized and non magnetized form along with set of fun rules, which introduce new dimensions into the game. Pieces no longer just travel straight, but can attract/cling to each other, repel each other, swing by/get trapped in different portions of the board, etc. It is challenging to play this game, and a lot of fun! What's more, we learn about basics of physics and mathematics Newton's laws, electromagnetism, etc, while playing this game.

Available Sets

Here is a list of sets available.

Rules of Magnetic Carom

First, since pieces can move as a unit in magnetic carom, pocketing a piece is not just dropping it into a pocket. Here is what pocketing means

Video: Rules and gameplay

Game Versions

Rani and children

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For ease of understanding, we show here a simple version of magrom with 3 coins.

We show a few snippets of shots unique to magrom.

Video: Shows coins detaching and two whirling as a unit.

Video : Shows coins sticking and whirling as a unit.

Video : Shows coins repelling (no contact - no hitting sound).

Video : Shows coins attaching and rotating together as a unit.

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Learn while you play!

We can have fun, as well as learn lots of physics and mathematics in Magrom:

1. Newton laws

Using strikers of different mass, we can examine the behaviour of the coins stuck. Heavy strikers make the coin go faster, light ones slower. We can learn about Newton's laws in Magrom!

Rounded Image
Rounded Image

2. Basic Physics of Collisions

Concepts of elastic and inelastic collisions can be illustrated using strikers/coins of aluminum, rubber, plastic, wood, etc in Magrom.

Rounded Image
Rounded Image
Rounded Image

3. Magnetism

Magnetic attraction/repulsion, eddy currents, hysteresis, etc can be illustrated by Magrom (look here!)

4.Challenging Problems

Let Magrom challenge you. Try some of these questions