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This project is undertaken to enrich the Computing resource pool for Sanskrit computing.

Purpose: To provide set of software/hardware solutions which simplifies the use of Sanskrit on Computer and let the user appreciate the flexiblitity and richness Sanskrit provides.

These solutions, will contribute to the productivity of user who is willing to use Sanskrit language on computers.

  • Set of tools which will speed up the process of Sanskrit data entry

    • Devanagri Keyboard

    • The spell checker facility for Sanskrit

    • Word suggest tool to speed up the data

    • Dictionary Services

    • Encoding Conversion (ISCII, UNICODE) tool

  • Computational Linguistics

    • Sandhi Analysis/Synthesis Tool

    • Sanskrit Noun Parser

    • Sanskrit Verb Parser

    • Sanskrit Sentence Parser

    • Machine Translation from Sanskrit to English/Hindi

    • Text To Speech

    • Speech Dictation

    • Speech Recognition


The Inspiration for this project came from "Chitrakavya"

Chitrakavya Padukaa Sahasra, a classical piece with 1008 verses devoted to Lord SitaRama's sandals (worshipped by Bharata during Lord SitaRama's stay away from Ayodhya),was written by Sri Vedanta Desikar around 1300 AD. The Knight tours of the shlokas are presented in Chitra-Kavya form (picture-poem in Sanskrit). This poetic form begins with one verse, and derives another meaningful one, by systematic permutations (e.g. according to a Knight's tour of a board) of the same - an amazing feat!

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