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Virtual Labs

The purpose of the project is to develop a remotely operated lab environment, where students can physically exercise concepts of robotics and electromagnetical systems. This lab can be used to conduct simple to complex experiments in a competitive environment. This kind of setup can also be used by an organization to test equipments or machines remotely. The essence of this laboratory is remotely controlled physical experiments. The lab will have variety of equipments which can be remotely started or stopped. To achieve this kind of remote access both hardware and software infrastructure support is required. The hardware infrastructure consisting of robots are controlled from remote location via Internet. And the software infrastructure must allow remote commanding of the robots with any of the already known programming languages or a specific language that would be developed for this environment. No student will physically be present in the lab, hence all measurements are taken remotely. A student undertaking these laboratory exercises diligently is expected to be able to understand, analyze, design and optimize various kinds of electromechanical systems - utilizing a combination of sensors, algorithms and actuators.

Further Projects

Electrical Mechanisms

A merger of mechanisms and electrical machines.


Remote Triggered Lab for Robotics: Architecture, Design and Implementation Challenges, in Technology for Education (T4E)

2014 IEEE Sixth International Conference on, Issue Date: 18-21 Dec. 2014.
Nayak.S, Vakrani.P, Purohit.A, Srinivasa Prasanna.G.N.